“VIRTUAL” Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching

Do you need to prepare for an upcoming presentation – but don’t have the time (or plane fare) to meet in person?

Could you benefit from spot-on speech coaching advice, from the comfort and privacy of your office?

Virtual CoachingPublic speaking and presentation skills coaching by telephone can be an effective way for you to receive valuable coaching without having to travel. It is also a great way to communicate between in-person coaching sessions. Most of the topics covered during in-person coaching meetings can be addressed over the phone or Skype. The phone can also be especially effective for coaching on: Openings, closings, structure, saleable ideas, confidence building, evaluation of audio and videotapes.

If you would like to consider coaching by phone or Skype, keep in mind that to maximize your investment, you must ensure that you are in an area where you will not be disturbed and can be totally focused.


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From these coaching sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your confidence in presentation situations
  • Integrate the three simple, but necessary, parts to every effective presentation
  • Control nervousness and ‘stage fright’
  • Develop and enhance your own unique speaking style
  • Structure your speech for maximum impact
  • Add humour to presentations
  • Capture audience attention right from the start, and end with impact
  • Immediately engage any audience
  • Get your main points across quickly
  • Add credibility and likeability
  • How to use PowerPoint or other visual aids effectively
  • Identify and eliminate ‘crutch’ words and other distractions
  • Master Q&A sessions with poise and confidence
  • Introduce speakers with style
  • Listen more effectively

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COMPLIMENTARY 30-MINUTE CONSULTATIONIf you are interested in investigating how Virtual Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching by Phone or Skype can help you accomplish your speaking goals, let’s make an appointment  for a complimentary 30-minute consultation, where we will determine your goals, experience and objectives to see if there is a fit between us, and if this is the right investment for you. There is no commitment required at this point.


What Clients are Saying…

“Suzannah’s wordcrafting empowered me to phrase my speeches in a coherent manner, enabling me to capture and maintain the audience’s attention, engage them with humour and stories, and deliver a concise message. Suzannah’s strict attention to details such as movement, facial expressions, pauses and voice control made a big difference in my speech.”

–    Donald Venskus

It’s comforting to know that even after the few sessions we had I am already getting compliments from my audience. Thanks!”

– P.S., ALCAN Inc.

“I had several people approach me afterwards to compliment me on the clarity of my presentation and my answers, as well as on my friendly, engaging approach to the talk. Your course helped me to realize that it really is just a matter of knowing your audience, finding and capitalizing on the speaking qualities you possess, and of course, practicing. But the main thing I got from the course was confidence, which has made a world of difference. So this is a big “thank-you” for not only providing the opportunity to practice public speaking skills but to do so in a very positive, constructive, and low-pressure atmosphere.”

Gregory B., M.A. McGill University


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