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3 Tips to Choose the Right Stories for Your Presentation


Something is Broken in Presentation-Land (and here’s how YOU can fix it!)

3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself to Help Connect With Your Audience

How Slides Can Kill Your Presentation – and 2 Quick and Easy Fixes to Keep That From Happening!

Fear of Public Speaking? Here’s Your Secret Weapon To Get Over It!


How To Find Your Focus As a Speaker

4 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before Public Speaking


3 Common Public Speaking Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Why ‘Speaking From The Heart’ Can Ruin Your Presentation


So What?…And Other Reasons Why it’s Not About YOU.


How to Develop Your Unique Speaking Style

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In the Media

Global TV Morning News – Overcoming Nerves When Speaking in Public (2017)

Global TV Morning News – A Review of the 2017 Oscar Speeches (2017)

Global TV Morning News – How To Manage A Fear of Public Speaking (2015)


Breakfast TV Montreal: Who Rocked Their Oscar Speech? (2015)

Suzannah Baum on BTV2

Breakfast TV Montreal: How to Give the Perfect Wedding Speech (2015)

Wedding speech


Breakfast TV Montreal: Body Language on a Date (2014)

Let your body talk


Breakfast TV Montreal: Body Language and the Quebec Provincial Debates (2014)

Debate pic


Watch Suzannah in Action

Suzannah Baum — How to Give Killer Presentations (speaking sample)

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How to Create Captivating Presentations (Highlights)


Creating Outstanding Presentations (Highlights)

Speak Up and Stand Out (Highlights)


Why is public speaking so important?

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On the Radio

 CJAD 800 Montreal:  How to Be An Engaging Public Speaker (20 mins) January 14, 2016.


 CJAD 800 Montreal:  How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking (16 mins) July 27, 2015.



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Articles about public speaking and presentation skills by Suzannah

Do These 10 Things The Day Of Your Next Presentation (Huffington Post)

7 Steps to a World Champion Speech (Huffington Post)

How to Know When You’ve Given A Good Presentation (Huffington Post)

How My Stylish Shoes Nearly Ruined My Presentation (Huffington Post)

The 2015 Oscars Speeches That Really Rocked (Huffington Post)

Is “Your Story” Helping or Hurting Your Presentation? (Huffington Post)

Startup City: The Art of the Pitch. Montreal Gazette (Suzannah is one of the interviewees in the article)

Three Things You Should Never Say To An Audience (Huffington Post)

Seven Steps to Manage Your Fear of Public Speaking (Huffington Post)

The Top 3 Offenders of Public Speaking and How to Control Them (Huffington Post)

6 Tips to Give a Great Wedding Speech (Ezine Articles)

How NOT to Speak: The Perils of the “It’s All About Me” Speaker (Ezine Articles)

The Four Forgotten Rules to Making a Great Presentation (Ezine Articles)

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